1. Introduction to the concept of shared and participatory management

Module overview

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Learning objective:

Provide the student with the necessary information to know what shared and participatory management is, what does a model of shared and participatory management imply and which advantages it has for the workers as well for the organization itself.


1.1 Introduction to the concept of shared and participatory management, background and main dimensions
1.2 Factors defining a shared responsibility model
1.3. Why a shared responsibility model?
1.4. Conclusion
1.5. Exercises, games and role-plays

Estimated time to complete the module:

5-6 hours


• Get to know the aspects that define a shared responsibility model.
• Identify the business management aspects that define a shared responsibility model.
• Classify the advantages the implementation of a shared responsibility model offers.

Abilities and attitudes:

• Ability to identify shared responsibility models.
• Creativity to identify the advantages in shared responsibility models.
• Critical thinking to analyse the dimensions of a shared responsibility model.


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