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Jorge Petralanda

Fundación Formetal is a non-profit organization governed by a Board elected from the Federación Vizcaína de Empresas del Metal. Its founding purposes are: professional development of workers at all levels, both employed and unemployed, as well as preparation for employability and improve the competitiveness of enterprises and organizations in metal sector.

Formetal develops all kinds of business, professional and cultural activities, among them training, counseling, studies and projects, with the main objective of:

  • Promote business development;
  • Get the professional development of managers and employees at all levels;
  • Improve the performance of companies and their organizations;
  • Develop a new corporate culture and spread a socially positive image of private enterprise.

Media Creativa – MC2020 is the result of over 20 years of experience, challenges and lessons learned from an interdisciplinary group of professionals who share a common passion: educational innovation.

MC2020 works to bring value to learning spaces, researching, designing and developing a different training offer, inspired by innovative methodologies and pedagogical approaches such as storytelling (including digital storytelling), problem-based training, gamification, game-based learning, etc. With the focus on seizing the full potential offered by new technologies, we use applications, games, webseries, webminars, mobile learning …

The quality of our work is based on a ground knowledge of the reality, and the listening of our final users’ needs. We develop studies, analyze training needs, design and offer courses through our campus (, and organize workshops and conferences, fleeing a generic offer and always under the flag of customization.

MC2020 we are a company which offers unique solutions to successfully face economic and social challenges according to the European standards of competitiveness, sustainability as well as social and territorial cohesion.

To his effect, we work with a global vision, in an ongoing collaboration with local administrations, regional and General State Administration, European institutions and different multilateral entities.

Ausra Rutkiene

Established in 1922 (re-established in 1989) and ranked among the TOP 800 universities in the world (QS World University Rankings), Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) is one of the most liberal and modern academic institutions in Lithuania.

VMU offers over 45 BA programmes, 50 MA programmes, 15 postgraduate programmes, doctoral studies in 18 scientific fields. Today there are over 7.500 undergraduate and postgraduate students, 220 doctoral students, around 500 international students are coming every year.

University’s Centre for Enterprise Practices offers different programmes for students to obtain and develop new skills. Another university’s element – Centre For Vocational Education and Research develops informal training programs, takes part in International research, education and training projects (concept development, staff training) and makes research in vocational training and related areas.

Confindustria Veneto SIAV is the Service Agency of the Veneto region’ Industrial Federation, grouping more than 12k enterprises, mainly SMEsSince ‘82 it supports working organisations and SMEs to adapt to industrial transformations by the action research approach, since ‘95 supports HR to improve processes through action learning methodology, in 2000 it introduced into SMEs innovation concepts, methodology and tools for technological transfer, organisational adaptation and managerial skills development, fostering innovation through imagination, creativity and knowledge transformation. SIAV is structured in: Regional Clusters and Enterprises’ assistance, planning and implementation of training and consulting projects; Factory of Knowledge, R&D division; Events, organisational and IT support of Campiello Literary Award; Administration.

Global Knowledge Development Ltd (GKD Ltd) is a Hi-Tech SME incorporated in the UK. The company’s main areas of expertise are development of digital knowledge transfer solutions, multimedia production, e-publishing (e-books and web publishing), writing and developing instructional materials, e-learning and e-training activities.

The company’s staffs of experienced researchers, designers and developers/programmers have more than a decade-long history of collaboration with higher, secondary and adult education institutions from Germany, Portugal, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Turkey and Israel. The staffs have vast experience participating in more than 40 EC funded LLP and Erasmus+ projects.

MIS Foundation is a non-governmental organization, established in 2015 by a team of professors – experts in the fields of economics, law and management of two universities in Krakow: Jagiellonian University and Cracov University of Economics. The main objectives of the Foundation are: supporting activities of public administration and local government, conducting and supporting activities for the entrepreneurship development, including supporting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, dissemination of new technologies and counteraction of digital exclusion.

The activities of MIS Foundation is oriented towards: transferring know-how between professionals, organisations representing public, private and social sectors; promoting inter-sectorial cooperation; improving and developing skills and competences of individuals and organisations; promoting entrepreneurship and innovation; supporting micro, small and medium enterprises as well as social enterprises; promoting experience management success stories exchange.