First validation

We have our training itinerary ready and before we start developing the content, we are currently validating it in all partner countries with 5 experts in new business management model experts. Want to give your opinion?

Dissemination events

We are currently organizing SHARE dissemination events. Thanks all participants for their participation and especially for your interest, as without it we would not make it. To implement a new business model in the metal sector needs from everybody’s effort and this is why we pursue.


We are glad to announce that the Guide of Gamified Activities is finalised. We are now validating it with tutors from companies, VET centers, trainers and people responsible for training in metal sector companies. We are sure gamification and practical exercises will help in the implementation of shared responsibility and participative management model.


The testing phase is taking place in the 5 partner countries at the same time. If you are a worker of the sector and you would like to take part in this initiative, please contact us and you will be one of the very first person seeing the content of the course.


SHARE partnership is preparing the training itinerary. In order to make sure we meet the real needs of the sector, we have conducted an survey among workers from the metal sector. We ask them to explain us what they understand as shared responsibility and which are the competences required for this business model. The conclusions obtained will help us to design the structure of the training itinerary.